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What Are Some Common Hail Damage Types That Roofing Companies in Colorado Come Across?

Hail damage, just like the hailstones that cause them, comes in different shapes and sizes, and there are different factors during a hailstorm that cause damage to your roof. Depending upon the severity of the storm, you may get away with surface-level damage that is mostly cosmetic, or you may end up with functional damage to your roof. Either way, roofing companies in Colorado such as us at Red Oak Exteriors come across some types of hail damage more commonly others. If you are wondering about the common types of roof damage that roofing companies get called to repair, this article will be of major help for you.

Common Types Of Hail Damage Colorado Roofing Contractors Repair

Reputed Colorado roofing contractors such as us at Red Oak Exteriors come across the following types of hail damage regularly:

Damaged or dented gutters: Since gutters are mostly made out of metal, it is not uncommon to see dented or cracked roof gutters after a hail storm has passed. Depending upon the extent of dents and damage to the gutters, our hail damage repair team can either suggest a repair or replacement of the gutters.

Cracked shingles: Shingles make up the outermost layer of your home’s roof, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that shingles are commonly damaged or cracked during a hail storm. While shingles are made using durable materials and don’t break easily, big enough hailstones can crack and ever tear shingles on your roof. Whenever we get called for a roof inspection after a hail storm, we pay extra attention to the roof shingles to ensure they are not damaged or cracked. That is because damaged shingles can lead to water leaks in the roof and further damage to the other layers of your roof.

Loss of shingle granules: Often, the shingles may not get cracked due to hailstone impact, but the granules on top of the shingles can get removed. Shingles with damaged granules can make way for water and other elements to reach the asphalt underneath. So if you notice a loss of granules and indentations on top of the shingles, it is not something you should take lightly. As an experienced roofing company, we stress the importance of replacing shingles with indentations and loss of granules to protect the asphalt and allow for proper water drainage.

A weakened self-seal strip of shingles: Shingles are attached to the roof using self-sealing strips, and these strips are essential to ensure waterproofing and keeping shingles secured in place. However, hail can weaken the self-seal strips, and this can result in shingles coming off from the roof completely. If you notice missing shingles from your roof, then chances are weakened self-seal strips are the reason, and you should get the sealing replaced with a new one.  

Apart from the above-mentioned scenarios commonly experienced by hail damage, there are several other types of hail damage your home’s roof may suffer from. If you think your home’s roof has been damaged due to a hail storm and you are looking for Colorado roofing solutions’ providers, then look no further. Just contact us, and our team will be there to inspect and repair your roof in no time.

Benefits of Getting Hail Damage Repaired by Roofing Companies in Colorado ASAP

If you live in or near the Colorado region, then chances are you are no stranger to hail storms. Colorado can get strong hail storms occasionally, which can cause severe damage to homes, especially the roofs. So whenever a hail storm passes and it is safe to go outside, inspect your home’s roof. If you find any hail damage on your roof, you should get in touch with roofing companies in Colorado, such as us at Red Oak Exteriors  ASAP, to repair the hail damage. However, being in the roofing business for a long time, we have noticed that homeowners often delay hail damage repair. Getting hail damage repaired as soon as possible has plenty of benefits for you and your home’s roof, and in this article, we are going to tell you about these critical benefits, so read on.

Getting Hail Damage Repaired By Colorado Roofing Contractors Helps Prevent Roof Leaks

Roof damage caused by hail storms can lead to a leaky roof which is not something you would want because a leaky roof can make your home unlivable and cause damage to other structural components as well. It is important to get the hail damage repaired by Colorado roofing contractors as soon as you detect it; the more you delay, the more chances increase of rainwater leaking through the damaged areas. Keep in mind that while you might not see water leaks immediately after hail damage, over time, the water will make its way through the damaged roof surface into the home interior, which can mean a hefty repair bill. To avoid further damage due to water leaks, it is best to get the hail damage repaired ASAP by our qualified hail damage repair team.

Timely Hail Damage Repair Helps Maintain The Energy Efficiency Of Your Home

When there is hail damage to your roof, such as missing or broken shingles or cracks, warm and cold air can make its way into your home. This unwanted ventilation puts an unnecessary load on your home air conditioning and heating system. As a roofing company, we understand how much effect a few missing shingles can have on your home’s energy efficiency. To prevent unnecessary load on your home’s AC and heating units, getting hail storm damage as soon as possible is the best solution.

You Can Easily File For An Insurance Claim If You Are Getting Hail Damage Repaired Asap

We help homeowners around Colorado in claiming insurance coverage for hail damage. However, the sooner you file for a claim after your roof suffers hail damage, the higher the chances of winning the claim. Since an insurance claim involves your home roof being inspected for the extent of damage, the sooner you get it checked, the more compensation you can expect to get. We can make sure that your insurance claim and the actual repair process goes as smoothly as possible.

Colorado roofing solutions providers such as Red Oak deal with storm damage repairs on a priority basis. So if you think your home’s roof has suffered hail damage, get in touch with us, and we will inspect your roof in no time.

Why is it Essential to Get Your Home Insulation Replaced by Roofing Companies in Colorado?

Roofing Companies in Colorado

When you think about your exterior home maintenance, one significant component often overlooked is your home insulation. While other parts of your house, such as the roof and siding, are visible to you, the insulation can’t be seen directly, yet it plays a crucial role in keeping your house cool or warm. This reason makes it essential to get your home insulation replaced by reputed insulation and roofing companies in Colorado, such as us at Red Oak Exteriors when it has reached the end of its life. Most homeowners are tempted to delay their house’s insulation replacement; however, there are important reasons why you should get your home insulation replaced as soon as it starts to fail. This article will walk you through why a timely insulation replacement is necessary, so read on.

Reasons To Get Your Home Insulation Replaced By A Roofing And Insulation Installation Company

As mentioned earlier, your home’s insulation is essential for keeping the temperature in check and keeping your family feeling comfortable. However, there are some not-so-obvious reasons why getting damaged insulation replaced are in your best interest. With that being said, here is why getting the insulation replaced by our roofing and insulation installation company is essential:

Pests and critters: Insulation sits within your exterior home walls, and it helps trap excess heat or cold from the outside environment. However, if insulation material has started to fail or it has already failed, it can give way to insects and critters such as rats and birds to call your home walls their home. Our insulation replacement team has seen homes with raccoons, rats, and insects living within the walls since the insulating material has failed over time. So, if you think your home insulation might be reaching the end of its life, it is essential to install new insulation or get it repaired to prevent critters from making their way into your exterior walls.

Energy bills start to increase: One of your home insulation’s significant functions is to keep your home temperature well within the comfortable range. By doing this, your home insulation also takes some of the load off of your house’s cooling and heating systems and helps keep the energy bills low. However, a failing or completely failed home insulation won’t regulate your home temperature that can put a lot more stress on your home air conditioning. One of the most common complaints we get that prompt us to look for faulty home insulation is increased energy consumption. So if you want to make sure your home energy bills don’t shoot up, you should get in touch with Colorado-based local roofers and insulation contractors to get insulation replaced.

Roofing insulation and siding replacement companies such as us at Red Oak Exteriors recommend getting your home insulation regularly inspected to detect any damage earlier on. Not only can it help catch failing insulation in time, but it can also save you from a complete insulation replacement. Insulation can be repaired if the damage is detected at an earlier stage; with that being said, if you are looking for an insulation replacement in Colorado or surrounding regions, get in touch with us.

Signs That it’s Time to Replace Your Home Insulation Through Insulation And Roofing Contractors

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Unlike other home roof components, when your home’s insulation fails, it often may not show any obvious signs. However, this doesn’t reduce the importance of timely insulation replacement. We at Red Oak Exteriors and other reputed Colorado insulation and roofing contractors often get called to look at home insulations once the damage is not repairable. That is because homeowners aren’t sure about the signs that tell them when their home insulation has started to fail. For anyone who isn’t sure about the signs of failing home insulation, we have put together this helpful guide, and we suggest you read this until the end.

 If You Are Experiencing Strange Drafts In Your Home, Then It Is Time To Call Colorado Insulation And Roofing Contractors

Your home interior is supposed to be a sealed environment, and the only air that comes into your home should come from the windows when they are open. However, when all the possible inlets of air are closed, and you can still feel drafts of air inside your home, it is an obvious sign of failing insulation. Colorado insulation and roofing contractors, including our trained experts, suggest that any strange drafts in your home should never be ignored. That is because it often means the barrier between your home interior and exterior has been breached, and your home insulation is not keeping the air out.

Moisture In Your Home Insulation

Just like air isn’t supposed to get into your home, moisture is another unwanted element that insulations are meant to keep out. However, we are often called to inspect moisture in crawl spaces or the attics to find out that the insulation has become moist and the water the making its way into the home’s interior. While your home insulation should not be exposed to moisture if other components are working correctly, when the vents, roof, or siding of your home fails, the insulation can get wet. If your home insulation does get moisture damage, it is often not in a reparable condition. Most forms of insulation, especially the older ones, become useless once exposed to water and lose their integrity.

Signs Of Animal Or Insect Infestation In Your Home Insulation

Since your home insulation is supposed to fill the gap between your home exterior and interior, it is possible that when insulation is not correctly filling this gap, animals and insects can make their way into the walls. Here in Colorado, local roofers such as us often get called to inspect homes that have strange noises coming from the home walls. When we examine the homes’ walls, however, more often than not, insects or small animals are living in the space where the insulation has been damaged or crumbled. So if you are noticing animal activity in between your home walls, then chances are it’s time to replace your home insulation.

How to Tell if You Need to Get Window Replacement Done for Your Home

window replacement

Windows are not something we pay much attention to because we expect them to last a long time. While it is true that your home windows can last upwards of 20 years, there will eventually come a time when you will need window replacement. At Red Oak Exteriors, our team of qualified technicians has vast experience installing and replacing windows of residential properties. We often get calls from homeowners who want to know whether it is time to replace their home windows or hold off. If you are one of those homeowners who aren’t sure about the signs that tell you it is time for new windows, this article is for you.

You Need A Window Replacement If Your Windows Can’t Keep The Colorado Springs Weather Out

The most obvious sign that you need window replacement is when your home windows cannot keep weather elements such as rain, out of your home. Snow and rain can eventually take a toll on your window frames until they start leaking and rainwater or melting snow can seep into your home through damaged window frames. When we arrive to inspect a leaky window, it is usually entirely decayed or unrepairable; this is why we recommend homeowners keep an eye on the condition of their window frames. This might help you catch the decay early and save you the additional cost of a complete home window replacement.

In short, if your windows aren’t properly keeping the weather elements such as rainwater out, then it is a clear sign that a window replacement might be in order.

You Have Started Hearing A Lot More Noises And Sounds Than You Used To

Your home windows aren’t just meant to keep water, dust, debris, and wind out; they also work to partially soundproof your home. When the windows start giving in, you will start to hear more noise inside your home since the windows cannot effectively keep the noise out. A good way to test your home windows’ soundproofing is to listen for any vehicles that may be passing at a distance and if you can hear them inside the house, it could be a sign that your windows need to be replaced; it may also mean that your windows were not meant to be soundproof, so you should contact us to get your windows inspected before making a replacement decision.

Your Windows Are Not Opening Or Closing Properly

If you have opening windows at your home, they should operate without too much force. However, if you notice that windows might be stuck or can not be adequately closed, then chances are you need to start looking online for a company for the replacement of your windows.

How to Prepare Yourself and Your Home for a Roofing Installation

Getting a new roof is exciting for families. As with any large home improvement/upgrade, everyone is eager to see the transformation. Soon, the top of your home will be looking brand new!  While hiring a professional roofing company such as Red Oak Exteriors removes the stress from your roof installation process, it is still good to do some preparations. Many households have pets and children that need to be kept safe during a roofing job. That is why we at Red Oak Exteriors have come up with a guide to help you prepare for your home roofing project,  so read on.

Make Sure your Vehicles are at a Distance When Roofing Installation Services Providers Arrive

Roofing involves heavy materials and equipment that can cause damage to your vehicle. Not to mention, a big truck or SUV parked in front of the home can make it difficult for roofing installation services providers to do our work efficiently. So, if you have a garage, it is suggested that you keep the vehicles and other fragile yard items in there during the roofing project for your vehicle’s safety and opening up space for the equipment and materials. If you don’t have a garage, park your vehicle away from the job site; you will also be freeing up a lot of space for roofing materials that need to be stored short term on your property.

Take Care of your Kids and Pets During the Roof Installation Project

Roof installation can get noisy for your kids and pets. If you have a dog or a cat that gets scared of loud noises, you might want to send your pet to a friend or family member until the project is finished. For kids that are old enough, be sure to explain that the areas around your house are not safe during the roofing project due to the risk of injury. If you have small kids in your home, it might be a good idea to have them stay with a  family member home for a few days until the roofing job is complete.

Inform your Neighbors Before the Arrival of the Roofing Company

Roof installation is an exciting project for you, but it can be a loud surprise for your neighbors. Remember that your neighbors also have kids and pets and as a good neighbor, you would want to make sure their kids, pets, and property are safe while you get your new roof installation. It’s always a good idea to inform your neighbors before the installation company arrives to start the project. While our roof installation team is friendly and safe, making sure unnecessary debris isn’t flying around, there is still a possibility that debris could fall into your neighbor’s yard during the process.

Now that you know what to do to prepare for a roof installation project, all you have to do is get in touch with us and get your new roof installed.