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Signs That it is Time For A Fresh Solar Panel Installation And Replace Your Old Solar Panels

Solar Panel Installation

You might have heard that solar panels last for decades, and that is true. In fact, most solar panels come with a warranty of 20 years or so and continue to work correctly for much longer than that. If the solar panels do start to malfunction or get damaged, a repair is usually not possible. So the only solution homeowners have, is to get the solar panels replaced by either claiming the warranty or buying a replacement if they are past the warranty period. At Red Oak Exteriors, we offer both new solar panel installation and solar panel replacement services if your old solar panels need replacing. However, many homeowners who are under the notion that their solar panels are invincible don’t pay attention to signs of malfunctioning or wearing solar panels until they completely stop working. So if you are wondering how you can tell if your solar panels need replacement before they stop working altogether, then we suggest you keep reading.

How to tell when it is time for a new solar panel installation in Colorado?

As mentioned earlier, once your solar panels malfunction, replacement is usually the only way to get your home’s energy needs back on track. So without further ado, here are some signs that you need a new solar panel installation in Colorado and replace your old one:

Reduced power output: Each solar panel system is rated for a specific production, and the output of your solar systems should be close to its rated output range. However, if the output of your solar panels is significantly lower than the rated output, it is considered a problem. We suggest you test the power produced by your solar panels on a sunny day to ensure the conditions are suitable for the panels to produce maximum output. If you find that the power output is less than 90 percent of the panels’ rated output, you might have a problem at your hands. It is best to contact us immediately if you find a drop in production to check if it is a maintenance issue or if you need to start the new solar panel installation process and replace the old one.

Damaged or cracked solar panels: Cracks, tears, or any physical damage to the roof panel’s glass surface or the cell itself is an instant indicator that a replacement is in order. Since solar panels that are damaged can rarely be repaired, even if they are fixed, the output can be affected or limited. Therefore if you notice damaged or visible wear and tear on your solar panels, you should contact us to discuss the replacement.

Old age: We mentioned at the start of this article that solar panels last for several decades. However, the companies provide a 15 to 20-years warranty on their solar panels. Over time, solar panel cells start to lose their efficiency and produce lesser output, which means you will not be getting the production you need from the panels if they reach a certain age. So if your solar panels are past the 20-year mark, it is a sign that a replacement may be in order.

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How to Tell if Your Home is Suitable for Solar Panel Installation?

Solar Panel Installation

Green energy is not the future anymore; in fact, solar panels made the idea of green energy a reality years ago. Nowadays, you can simply call a roofing and solar panel installation company such as us at Red Oak Exteriors to get an inspection of your home and get solar panels installed. Now installing solar panels on the ground is not tricky, granted that you have enough space available and meet the requirements to install the solar panels. such as the availability of sunlight. However, setting up solar panels on a roof can be tricky, and a home roof may need to be modified to get solar panels installed. With that being said, there are situations when a home is perfectly oriented and meets all the checkboxes for solar panel installation. So if you want to know how you can tell if your home is suitable for solar panel installation, then we suggest you keep reading this article until the end.

Homes That are Perfect for Solar Panel Installation in Colorado have the Following Characteristics

Solar panels perform to the best of their abilities when all the necessary conditions for their proper operation are met. While solar panels can work if these conditions are not 100 percent fulfilled and we can adjust the method of solar panel installation in Colorado to create ideal angles and positioning, it is best if your home already has these characteristics. So without further ado, here are some signs that your home is perfect for solar panel installation:

You just had a new roof installed: Roofs last a long time, and so do solar panels. However, if your roof is old and is due for a replacement, you might not be in an ideal place to get solar panels installed. That is because if you get solar panels installed on an old roof, you may have to take them off again when you need a new one in a few years. So if you have just had a new roof installed in the past few years, your home is a prime candidate for installing the solar panel. However, it is also best to merge the solar panel installation process with roofing replacement to save cost and get the best fit.

Your home’s roof gets plenty of sunlight: One of the essential characteristics that a house should have for solar panel installation is sunlight exposure. The top of your home should get plenty of direct sunlight and shouldn’t be overshadowed by any nearby structures such as neighboring buildings, houses, and billboards. If your home is surrounded by trees blocking the sunlight, you can chop and trim the trees to get more sunlight exposure for your roof and get solar panels installed.

Your roof has the right pitch: Solar panels are known to perform the best when your roof has an angle to it. The roof’s pitch means how much tilt it has, and if your roof inclines 30 degrees, your home’s roof is ideal for solar panel installation. However, if your roof is slightly more or less tilted, we can always use brackets to adjust the angle of the solar panels.

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