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How to know if the Roof requires Hail Restoration?

Well, hail damages are not visible from the ground but can be spotted easily with the right inspection techniques. Look for the following signs:

The Damage to Gutters:

If you encounter any dents in the gutter or downspouts, then it is a clear sign that your roof may also be damaged from hailstorms.

Damage to Outdoor Items:

If there is damage in the surroundings like to a mailbox, air conditioner, or decks, it probably means your roof also needs restoration.

Roof Repair in Neighborhoods:

If you see your neighbors having roof repair services after a hailstorm, then it is a good idea to contact your roof contractors as well.

Red Oak Exteriors caters to all damages caused by hailstorms. We are equipped with the latest technology, expert workmanship, and finest material.

So, if you see any of these signs of roof damage, it is advised to contact us right away without delaying the process, as they might cause serious damage in the long-term.

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Solar, roofing, siding, and windows are a big investment, but they shouldn’t be an expensive mistake.

Step 1 Initial Call 

Our customer service experts will listen to your concerns and chalk out the perfect course of action. Afterwards, an onsite visit will be scheduled.

Step 2 Site Visit

During the inspection visit, our experts look for all roofing issues (leaks, damaged shingles, cracks, etc.) and then submit an evaluation based proposal.

Step 3 Project Execution

After a thorough inspection, our experts will come over with the required material to provide you with the most effective and efficient roofing/solar solutions.

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RELIABLE solar, roofing, Wind and hail restoration services

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Red Oak, providing the finest wind restoration installation services near you.

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storm damage repair services in colorado


We handle more than just your roofing and gutters. Pay your deductible and that is all! 

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RELIABLE solar, roofing, siding, gutter, and window services

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Hail Restoration Roof Repairs That We Deal In:

Wind Damage: The intensity, direction, and speed of the hailstorm can cause heavy damage to your roofs, such as displacing gutters from your roofs, tearing up the shingles, toppling up the chimneys, etc. In such cases, immediately consult Red Oak, as we keenly observe your roofs for damages, and provide you with the required solutions at the earliest.

Falling Debris: Hail Storms mostly come with floating debris, tree limbs, and fallen power poles. Such stuff can cause serious damage to your roof’s structure by penetrating it.

Hailstones: Hailstones have a great tendency to break the tiles of your roof and destroy the shingles. So it’s advisable to consult a roofing contractor soon after such storms, as this will help you encounter even minor issues at the very start and save you from big losses.


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