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insurance claims

The moments following a disaster can leave you feeling overwhelmed and vulnerable.

Red Oak Exteriors will work alongside You and your carrier to provide the solutions needed to safeguard your investment. We understand that maneuvering through the insurance claim is the most important part of the restoration process, and your decision as a property owner should be to select the quality contractor of your choice and leave the financial responsibilities to the insurance company and the rebuilding to Us. 

But how do you know my insurance settlement is fair?
Red Oak Exteriors has over a decade of professional experience working with property owners and insurance companies to repair exterior home damage, so we can help you understand and navigate through the insurance process and answer any questions you may have about your claim along the way. 

How do you know your insurance adjuster has done a fair analysis?

Red Oak Exteriors will examine your insurance claim estimate to ensure that all of the damage found at our assessment have been identified and properly funded. Your insurance company is responsible for ensuring your property is restored to its pre-loss condition  and we have the knowledge and experience to address any discrepancies. 

Red Oak Exteriors will provide you with the support you need to help get your house back to perfect. From ensuring your insurance estimate is fair, to providing you quality construction, we can provide the solutions needed to safeguard your investment from further issues and repair problem areas, giving you peace of mind. 

Homeowners are Saying...

"Great speedy work. The insurance company tried to tell me the roof was almost not even damaged, only the tin. Thanks to Jeff's hard work, and persistence, he made sure they paid every penny they were supposed to. I can't say enough great things about Jeff and Red Oak Exteriors LLC." - Charles D.

"Jeff fought hard after my insurance carrier denied me for my hail damaged roofing and siding but in the end Jeff got me approved for all new roofing and siding and even a new garage door! Thank you Jeff!!!" - Michael G.

Frequently Asked Questions

Insurance approved my roof for replacement, should I get multiple bids?

Getting multiple bids is not necessary because when insurance is paying for replacement of your roof they typically withhold depreciation - they give you a portion of the funds upfront and the remaining once work has been invoiced by your contractor.  But what if you went with the lowest bid?  Your insurance carrier will not pay more than that bid.  For example, the insurance company approves $12,000.00 for your roof and you get a bid of $10,000.00. The insurance company will only pay you the $10,000.00 minus your deductible. So what if a homeowner were to have the roof done for $10,000.00 but the contractor would provide a falsified invoice for $12,000.00 so that you could recoup all the money that the insurance company approved? This is considered Insurance Fraud and is a Felony and Red Oak Exteriors will not be involved in any such requests.

Will my insurance pay for the full cost of the roof repair due to hail?

Most homeowner’s insurance policies cover roof damage due to hail, debris or other storm damage. Once your claim is approved, your insurance company will send you a “scope of work” outlining the repair work required, along with an initial check. After the repairs have been completed, an insurance adjuster will inspect your property and determine the replacement cost value (RCV) of the property, along with any depreciation of the cost of repairs, based on the age and condition of the roof. The insurance company should then send you a second check, minus the deductible of your policy and any depreciations costs, to reimburse you for the repair damage.  Your only cost would be your deductible, so your cost remains the same no matter what.

My insurance company wants us to upgrade our roof to a Class 4 shingle – what does that mean?

Insurance companies want to reduce their costs for hail and other damage, so they offer incentives to home owners who are willing to upgrade their roofing systems to impact damage-resistant materials. A Class 4 rating is the roofing industry standard for testing shingles against hail impact. These shingles are typically made of copper, aluminum, resin or plastic. If you’re interested in learning more about Class 4 rated roofing, we encourage you to reach out to your insurance provider to determine if they offer any discounts. We can then work with you to determine if the upgrade is a good fit. 

Why is the mortgage company listed on my insurance check?

The insurance company is, in many cases, obligated by law to include the mortgage company on the insurance check.  As the lien holder the mortgage company has an interest in your property.  Red Oak Exteriors is accustomed to the process of working with both mortgage companies as well as insurance carriers to handle all of the paperwork. Having a professional contractor on your side  can save you a lot of time and hassle. From the paperwork to meeting the inspector, we do it all!

Why do insurance companies withhold depreciation?

There are several reasons why your  insurance company may withhold depreciation. First, the insurance company has an obligation to pay for your home to be put back to pre-storm condition, and historically homeowners who are given large sums of money, tend to not spend it on the necessary building repairs. This leads to the homes condition worsening and causes further damages.  Another reason is to  prevent poor or substandard work from being performed to your home. Again, historically, homeowners who are given the full amount of the settlement upfront often search for the lowest bid, keeping a portion of the money for themselves. In other words, it helps prevent insurance fraud. 

 How long does the claims process take?

The claims process can be lengthy. Depending on how long it takes the adjuster to come out, how long it takes them to prepare the settlement paperwork, and whether  Red Oak Exteriors  needs to submit supplements for damages that were missed by the adjuster, or  that were not visible until after repairs started and materials were removed.  So when you have the professionals at Red Oak Exteriors handling your claim you will be able to go about your daily routine without having to worry about the claims process. We will update you as we go.